Comfort Foam Tips

Comfortable foam tips for a better sound experience

Foam tips

Each package contains

  • 2 sets of Extreme Seal tips
  • 2 sets of Maximum Seal tips
  • 2 sets of Superior Durability tips

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  • Small/Medium 
  • Medium/Large 

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An optimized sound experience

Extreme Seal

Maximum Comfort

Superior Durability

Comfort Foam Tips are designed and manufactured according to our advanced audiologic technology. The viscoelastic polymer foam adapts to the shape of the ear canal giving a comfortable and tight fit, significantly enhancing the listener experience and sound quality. The flexible and durable foam retains an acoustic seal and acts as a passive noise reduction filter that extinguishes disturbing noise from the surroundings. This means that you can listen to music at a lower volume, thus protecting your hearing.

Comfort Foam Tips provide a much better grip than regular silicone tips and helps the earphone to remain in the ear canal and allows you to move more freely. Perfect during exercise or other physical activities.

Comfort Foam Tips © fits the vast majority of ears and quite many other earphones on the market as well. Click on the link below for compatibility table.

● Compatibility Table