Comfort Foam Tips - True Wireless

Comfortable foam tips for a better sound experience

Comfort Foam Tips© are made of a viscoelastic polymer foam that adapts to the shape of the ear canal. This gives a tight and comfortable fit and at the same time contributes to a significantly improved sound experience. The flexible and durable foam provides an acoustic seal and acts as a passive noise reduction filter that extinguishes disturbing ambient noise. This means that you can listen to music at a lower volume and thus protect your hearing.

Comfort Foam Tips© provide a much better grip than a regular silicone tip and fixes the earphone in the ear canal thus allows you to move more freely. Perfect during exercise or other physical activities.

Comfort Foam Tips© has been developed for Sound by Sweden’s own True Wireless range, but is also suitable for other earphones on the market that have a round tube with a tube diameter between 4.5–6.0 millimeters. Since the tips has a round shape, do they not fit on oval tubes that some earphones has, for example Airpods PRO.

They come in sizes Small, Medium, Large and a mix pack of S/M/L. Each package contains 3 pairs of tips.


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Each package contains

3 pair of Comfort Foam Tips©