The NERO is an in-ear model in the mid-range segment that includes the latest digital technology and is designed for all-around use. Advanced technology and the unique materials makes this product stand out against its competitors.

Military aviation composite

The NERO is an all-around earphone designed for an all day use. To be able to handle all the strain from heavy use it places high demands on the material. The housing of NERO is made from the same composite material that is used in the military aviation industry which structure guarantees extra high strength. This composite material in combination with the Kevlar reinforcements makes NERO a tough companion in a lightweight package.



Control ’em all

Why settle with only one smartphone, when our proprietary digital control device manages iOS, Android and Windows based smartphones and is conveniently altered by the remote control rear dip switch. The 100% interference free microphone include a staggering 360° sound recording field and is built to withstand both user and environmental abuse.

Compatibility table for multi remote

With the switch on the multi remote you can choose
which phone model you want to operate.
Mode 1: Android/Windows

Mode 1: Android/Windows
Mode 2: Apple (iOS)


Custom made sounddrive

The vast majority of today’s earphones are poorly suited for the purpose. We soon realized that we need a driver with a specifically tuned impedance giving clean, less ‘strained’ sound and saving precious battery life. The sound stage is developed to suit all music styles, but also film, video and speech sounds. Powerful bass, fine tuned mid and a crystal clear, smooth, high distinguish the beautifully balanced harmonics of the ‘New Generation of Sound’.


  1. Play music at a low level (you should be able to wear the earphones and hear sounds from your surroundings) continuously for 5 hours. Playing too loud will result in a harsh sounding treble (high notes) and imprecise bass.
  2. Let the earphones rest for 2 hours.
  3. Play music again, this time 8 hoursat 50% of maximum level.
  4. Let the earphones rest for 2 hours.
  5. Play music at high level for 5 hours. We do not recommend that you wear the earphones during this step. Note! The volume should not exceed the level where there is an obvious distortion audible even without wearing the earphones. At those levels the earphones might be damaged.
  6. Final step is to let the earphones rest again for 2 hours. Done!


Supra Cables

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. The cable links the source to the driver and plays a key role in this equation. A signal, inadequately transmitted through a poor cable, will sound poorly. The flat, tangle free Supra Cable is built from the following highest standard materials; 99.99999% pure copper strands, Kevlar© reinforced strain relief and a gold plated, highly flexible bend relief, 3.5mm connector, sums up a cable in the premium league.



7 sets of ear pads for individual fit

Cable clip

Technical specifications

Speaker element

Proprietary 9.2 mm dynamic neodymium magnet

Frequency respons

16Hz – 22KHz


16 Ohm


98 dB @ 1Khz


< 2%


3.5mm gold plated


1.2m TPE-insulated and Kevlar® reinforced. Width 3.2mm


Digital MEMS-technology